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You'd think that life would be full of ups and downs, and they'd be spaced out and stuff and it's all good. But no. Nononononono, that's not how it is.

Look, I'm lodging a complaint against life right now. Yea, you heard me. Life, I'm going to talk to your supervisor, because you, my friend, my buddy, my pal, are effectively screwing me over.

Life: Oh look, it's a heat wave week. I bet she'd love to work every day of that week, oh yes.
Me: .....*dies of heat*

Life: Look, she's going to Israel in February! I think having some guys launch rockets there would be nice. Yup, sounds like a plan to me.
Me: .....shit.

Life: Look, she's been feeling kind of good for a bit now. I think killing off a friend would be nice. *kills*
Me: *cries*

Life: Look at the ceiling fan. It deserves to break. *fan breaks*
Me: *cuts foot on broken glass* ...Ok, I deserved that one.

Life: Look! Dana's leaving Tuesday! I know the perfect going away present! Let's make her internet connection crappy for the night, that way she can't talk to her!
Me: ....*whacks compy*

Life: Oh yea, she forgot Alex would be leaving. Let's make that momentous day...soon. How about Friday? Friday sounds good, Friday is a good day to go off to college.
Me: .....

I'm through. You hear me! Life, you and me have got some problems. I'd be all "West Side Story"-esque and suggest a rumble, but you know, I'm fine. I'm mellow. Just bring it all on, I want you to pile up the hurt this week, because unfeeling. I am going to be cold, and calculating, and going to bury my feelings in, and I will survive.

No, this does not mean I am going to drink. I'm not going to take pills, or drink, or contemplate suicide or any such stupid thing like that. This means I am going to drive myself into my work, my friends and their problems, and leave mine be. I'm sick of mine, let me at some of yours guys.

Bring on the week. I'm gonna take it on and come out on top. So I might get a few scratches in the process...that's ok. War wounds make for good stories.


May. 20th, 2006 11:27 am
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...this should be enough, right? )

Yup, busy busy work day today. Might go catch a movie with dad tonight, seeing as mom and brother are not here *shrugs* Sounds fun to me actually, when was the last time I've been out? *thinks* .....I don't even remember what the mall looks like XD

So yea, that's what my powerpoint should be like...[ profile] cupcakemonster, you read my paper, did I miss any important points? I hope that 21 slides will be enough for a 10 minute presentation *makes face*

*hugs Yaz* I love you ok? Nothing is your fault, it's all mine.

And wheeee, just got my affirmation for [ profile] 22_lovers. Now I need to actually start writing. Should be fun *cackles like mad* Need to start up a list...

And why the hell is it so cold out? Summer's almost here, where's my heat? *shivers and burrows under covers*

Talk to you all later. Maybe. I'm not really in the mood for talking, so I don't know if I'll go on line tonight....catch me about the web though, I'm always here.
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So...I'm feeling pretty good today. As in, I got a lot done ^_^ School had to have been the best today, I love my teachers right now. Good feelings for all XD

English was amazing. We're currently reading "Merchant of Venice" by Shakespeare (good play by the way, in my personal opinion) and...there's a part where the chorus comes out and sings right?

My teacher taught us the Shakesperian way of dancing. Oh god, we moved all the desks and danced with partners. Turns out the sexiest part of a woman is the back of her neck, and the sexiest part of a man is his calf.

I am highly amused *snorts* Try keeping a straight face during that explanation.

Also, in Humanities we're doing the Watergate Scandal. So what did my teacher have us do?

"Watergate: The Play". I got to be Liddy, the lookout man during the break in. Which means I essentially stood on top of a desk with a pair of binoculars and a walkie talkie the whole time. I had a good time XP

And now...concert tonight. It starts at 7:30 and I have to be there at 6:15. *makes face* I don't feel like singing. Especially...the songs that I don't know the words to *sheepish grin*

"The Alma Mater"
"Brahms 5 and 6" <<< ...I don't speak German, how do you expect me to know this??
"Walk the Streets" <<< ...It's a song about shoes.
"All For Me Grog" <<<...we swing. And do a hiccup thing that does nothing for anyone.
"My God is a Rock" <<<...this is the best song out of them all.
"Stars I Shall Find" <<<...this was written by someone who committed suicide. Morbid much?
"Can You Hear" <<<...SOLO *flails* I'm freaking.
"The Promise of Living" <<<...still don't know the words.

...I hope it doesn't run late. I'm tired and have work to do. Talk to you all eventually again...and [ profile] red_nyte_dancer...where's my stories? XD
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Gonna go see "The Good-bye Girl" at the school tonight, so I'll be on later than usual everyone *grins*

And wow, taking a break from writing has made me want to write more actually. And of course, what better way than to start with those prompts that you guys made for me awhile back? *laughs*

Yaz, yours is up first. I'm about halfway done already XP I think I'll tackle Caity's next, then work on Ishi's.

Ishi, I want a pretty picture when I'm done XDD But oh god, can I have a copy of that Rod/Nicky picture!!?!?!? Pleaseeeeeee *paws at* It was soooo good...and if you don't want to, I'm gonna write a Rod/Nicky story, just so you have to draw it *sticks out tongue*


Apr. 20th, 2006 07:31 pm
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Gawd, it's hot out. I am in boxer shorts (Go North marching band woohoo~) and a t-shirt, and I am still broiling. Damn you 80 degree weather. I want to still wear pants with my sandals >P

Naw, today was a good day. Met with my teacher for my Grad project, and we proofed it. So now I need to make all of the corrections, and then I can hand it in...early!! So that means bonus points for me!! Woohoo~

Hm, what is thursday. That means....DATES!! Yay for schedules.

April 22: Going to New York City to go see Rent and have dinner at the Life Cafe. I am so excited ^_^
April 26: Day of Silence. Get out and be silent everyone!!
April 28: Friend's big birthday bash. I love themed Sweet Sixteens *laughs* Now for some 50's gear....
April 29: RENTMAS

And guess what everyone!!! Today is April 20th!!! 4/20!!! So get on out there and light em up :P

*makes Collins pose* TO MARIJUANA
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So I'm alive!!! Yay!!!

Anyway, this is to everyone that I was going to talk to tonight on aim, but then didn't....

Sorry guys. I am beat, I haven't gotten much sleep in the past week, and I am physically worn out from tennis today (evil gym teacher, you make me pair up with you then have me running across 2 courts you sick sadistic freak), so I'm gonna hit the hay so to speak.

Tomorrow I will be on a lot. Because I haven't spoken to many of you in forever pretty much, and it saddens me greatly *cries*

So, bed for me now. Talk to you all tomorrow, and expect a better update detailing my hell week :P



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