Jan. 25th, 2006 05:15 pm
rougaroux: (knitting torn)
.........Silky is alive and well. Omg, I'm so fucking happy right now....I'm crying again, I'm that fucking happy.....and yes, I am cursing. I don't curse this much usually (Roleplay doesn't count guys XD) and well.....yea, I curse, but not as in "cursing every other word here"

Man, you should hear me XD

I'm in one hell of a good mood right now. Come on, bring me something to do, I can do it!

RIP Silky

Jan. 19th, 2006 06:45 pm
rougaroux: (anarchy)
So I finally come back on....to this. Oh god, I'm in shock. Absolute shock. We were friends (or as much friends as we could be) and I just don't believe it. We weren't as close as I know you were with some people, but I felt that we were good friends. We used to talk on aim about...oh, just stupid stuff I guess. But now I'm trying to remember all the stupid stuff....

RIP Rhea. I never knew you in real life, and I think that is the thing I'm most regretting at the moment. You were a great friend, you were a great writer, and you made all the dolls that everyone loves so much.

I keep my own doll that you made for me proudly in my userinfo, because I don't ever want to forget you. I hope that when I do finally get to see you, I can tell you just how much you meant to me as a friend and I'll hug you and never let go.

Oh god...I'm just sitting here at my desk right now, sobbing my heart out over it. All of my other friends.....you know I love you all, right? I guess you never truly know how much someone has touched you until they're gone. My prayers go out for Rhea and her family, and now.........I need to go light a yortzite candle *breaks down and cries*


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