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Harlequin ([personal profile] rougaroux) wrote2009-06-13 12:58 pm
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Computer problems really suck.

So last night I clicked on a website looking for a translation scan, and I go to click...suddenly my computer is flooded with viruses. I have a stupid system scan thing that keeps popping up (If anyone knows how to get rid of Virus Shield 2009, that would be SO appreciated).

Anyway, I know this comes at a seriously bad time, but there could be a chance that I would be without a computer for a bit if I need to take it to a specialist and get it cleaned out.

Um, so yeah. Hopefully this will get fixed soon, I'm going to have my dad check it out as well.

But still. Fuck.

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Fuck indeed.

I hope you get it fixed soon. You need to protect your computer better, are you using Firefox to surf the Internet? There's some very handy Firefox add-ons that'll make it safer to browse the web and stop things like this from happening in the future.

Are you using what anti-virus and anti-spyware programs? Any firewall?

Also, shoud help you get rid of Virus Shield 2009.

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I'm using Firefox. And see, I thought my computer WAS protected. This has shown me that I am very wrong indeed.

I'm using COMODO now, and also CCLEANER. I honestly do not know what I had before. I'm guessing it just wasn't enough.

Thanks. I'm running it now.

After this you can safely surf for busty asian babes all you want ;P

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CCleaner is good, but in addition you should also have SpywareBlaster ( and Spybot Search&Destroy ( Run both about once every two weeks. Be sure to update them first, use SB to keep your computer protected and SSD to immunize your computer and scan for possible threats.

And here's some Firefox add-ons I recommend to make your web browsing safer: AddBlock Plus ( is something no one should browse the web without! Gets rid of those annoying advertisements on most web pages and protects you from the risks they pose. Web of Trust ( tells you the reputation of the websites you're about to enter so you can avoid risky sites. And if you want to be very well protected, you'll get NoScript ( too, with it you decide which websites are allowed to run scripts so you'll get no unwanted surprises.

I'm using all of these myself too and haven't had any virus or ad/spyware problems in months.

Also, for a firewall, I hear Filseclab ( is a good free one.

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Damn D: I really hope you can get it fixed soon ♥

That so sucks.