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Leon and Ada Trust (Snow and Moonlight) For [ profile] celes_grant

They’d fought, the two of them, before. But never like this, never under the cover of moonlight, with the snow crunchy underneath her shoes, his clunky boots. Leon grimaced as Ada fired off another shot, and he backed himself into a wall, gun held up high and by his face, in case he needed to shoot quickly. He wasn’t the green rookie in Raccoon City anymore, and it was refreshing for her to see that.

“You actually seem to know what you’re doing, Kennedy,” She shouted out over the cover of falling snow, and Leon just laughed loudly back at her.

“Ada, give it up. We’ll go on for hours like this,” he said and took a chance. He took a chance to trust her, to see if she would take his trust and use it, or abuse it. Stepping out, he came face to face with her, not even realizing how close they were to each other. Right around the corner it seemed. Hands rose up; he dropped his gun to the ground.

“Truce?” He asked, that cocky, sure, smirk on his face that Ada couldn’t stand at times but loved to see at others. They had seen each other a good deal lately, both on opposing sides, but it never lasted very long. Eventually they ended up working with each other again. And neither would change that fact, though this was the first time that Leon had actually given up, just like that.

Later, when he was kissing her and holding her in his arms, the snow swirling around them, she would realize why he had given up so easily.

Trust was such a rare thing in their world these days.
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I need to stop listening to Rocky Horror *laughs* But it makes me so HAPPY while listening to it. The lyrics are funny, the dances are great...c'mon, how can you go wrong with the Timewarp?

You can't. You just can't. Don't contradict me on this one. *laughs*

Anyway, that is not the main reason of this post, actually. *le gasp* No, really, it isn't, though feeling good does feel....good, wow, that was lame, but it's true ^^

Anyway, Chanukah is coming up, and I figured I would do my eight nights of drabbles again, like I did last year. What is a drabble you may ask my friend? Well, it is a short story basically, ranging between 100 words to however long I want it to be (500 words most likely xD). Question is, what do you guys want to see? I figure you on my flist know me well enough to know what fandoms I partake in and enjoy and could probably write about a character from there.

And if you don't, feel free to ask me! I don't mind in the slightest if I'm asked. Just remember to give me a prompt as well!

So guys, I have eight spots to fill. If you want a certain day, you can ask that too :P

1. RE4 Leon and Ada. Trust (Snow and Moonlight) for [ profile] celes_grant
2. MS Saix and Xemnas being fluffy for Christine
3. FF7 Tseng/Reno "It's been too long" for [ profile] junkiealchemist
4. FF7 Rude/Tseng for [ profile] hecatesbrat
5. FF7 Turk-centric for [ profile] shinistrife
6. MS Rufus "Sick Day" for Kelly
7. RoR Jennifer/Diana for [ profile] chibi_kage
8. P3 Junpei, Minato, Yukari "Team work" for [ profile] guardian795

Chanukah starts December 4th, so better hurry it up! (Not friends locked just in case others come strolling around).



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